About Us

Welcome to YGW Innovations,

Some know the history of YGW, and some are just joining us. We want to take a minute to give a brief introduction to who we are and how we got here. YGW Innovations was previously known as Youth Gone Wild Designs. Youth Gone Wild Designs started by manufacturing quality after-market handlebars. One of the great things about Youth Gone Wild Designs was their ability to create new and unique styled bars in a market saturated by lookalikes. Youth Gone Wild Designs not only manufactured bars under their own brand name, but they also manufactured bars for a number of other name brands, riders and even stores that wanted their own signature style.

In 2016 Hands on Concepts, a small company also from San Diego, CA specializing in designing and manufacturing cutting edge sports and recreation equipment for disabled people took interest in the scooter industry. Hands on Concepts has a drive to develop innovative products and designs no matter what industry or market they are for. The scooter industry was unique in that in many ways high tech materials and engineering had not yet been applied to its products. With the level of riding emerging and increasing on a daily basis, HOC saw it as a challenge to bring some of these new materials and designs to market in an effort to advance the sport.

Early in 2016 Hands on Concepts joined forces with Youth Gone Wild Designs. It was a perfect fit. Youth Gone Wild Designs had the ability to provide unique bar designs and industry knowledge and HOC has the engineering and materials experience that the industry needed. After forming the relationship between these two companies they became YGW Innovations.

In Mid 2016 YGW Innovations contacted the UK based machining company that had previously manufactured products under the Flow and Company name. Youth Gone Wild Designs had also previously co-designed and manufactured handlebars for this company and they were sold under the Flow and Company name. This engineering and machining company also shares our vision of bringing very innovative products to the industry. After a short period it was decided to utilize this machining company and add their creative designs and manufacturing ability to that of YGW Innovations.

YGW Innovations has one goal: To engineer and manufacture product that exceed the expectations of the best riders and allow them to push the sport to new levels.

We hope to welcome each and every one of you to the YGW Innovations family and thank you for your support, past, present, and future.